Understanding Agreement: As A Performing Artist

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Understanding Agreement: As a Performing Artist

 Before we get into the power of agreement, we must first understand what it means. As Christian music artists, it is vital for us to be in alignment or agreement with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In doing so, everything else in our lives and music career is destined to fall into its proper place.

The word “agreement” originates from a Greek word known as sumphoneo (soom-foe-neh-oh) from sum-together and phoneo- to sound. Sumphoneo means to sound together, to be in symphony, to be in accord, to be in harmony. Metaphorically, the word means to agree together in prayer… We can also apply this to our music careers. When we “sound together” and worship God through the gift of music, whether it is through the playing of instruments, singing, producing, rapping, etc. We have the ability and opportunity to bring heaven to earth. Later, we will discuss the importance of partnering with other musicians and individuals within the music arena who are aligned with God and His plan/path for your life.


In our music careers, whatever we are seeking and believing God for, we have those things according to His will. If it is scripturally sound, we can have whatsoever our hearts desire according to the Word and will of Our Father in heaven.


If you are believing God for more opportunities to get your music heard and to share the gospel of Christ; God will provide those opportunities for you, as you seek Him and remain prayerful as well as align yourself with God and His purpose. Jesus has so many blessings for you and your career!


Until next time, stay encouraged be blessed and keep pressing into all that God has for you!


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