"Meet Our Station Manager & Multi-Award Winning Artist: Tori Tellem!"

Meet Our Station Manager &
Multi-Award Winning Christian Music Artist: Tori Tellem

Tori Tellem has been blessed with the opportunity to connect with WVIU Missions, since she was 19 years old. She has many responsibilities, but she never neglects ministry as her primary focus. We are so thankful for her heart and how she unashamedly spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tori is a radio personality, Award-Winning Christian Rapper, Singer-Songwriter, voice over artist, actress, the official spokesperson for the FOFMI Children's Center Kenya, Representative for Humanity Project, MHBullyNoMore! Project, and an avid blogger for WVIU!

She has a heart, passion, and goal to reach the world with the gospel of Christ through music ministry and other forms of the performing arts. 

Tori graduated high school at age 15 and shortly after entered college to pursue her Paralegal Certification, which she has since then earned. In 2020, she also earned her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Master's Degree in Business Administration, her Doctorate in Christian Education and is currently seeking her DBA!

 Tori Tellem is a Multi-Award-Winning Independent Christian Rapper/Hip-Hop Artist and Singer-Songwriter from Montgomery, AL. Born on October 15th, 1998, Tori's music has been described as “HONEST HIP HOP”, a phrase coined after concluding that her lyrics undoubtedly and consistently speak truth... 

 In 2016, she released her debut single entitled "Bound Bird", which is a slower melodic piano pop tune. However, this Alabama Native is primarily known for her hard-hitting rap music, which consists of captivating, impactful, and convicting lyrics that educate her fans and listeners on current events, historical milestones, biblical history, truths, relationships, and more!

She gained prominence in 2020, after releasing her debut EP "The Essentials", which displays her faith in GOD, through her lyrics, in a relatable and practical way. Her song "2 FACE", earned over 100k views on YouTube within the first 4 months of the video release. Since then, she has accumulated over 2 million views worldwide across social media and music streaming platforms and is quickly becoming the next big name in the Rap & Hip-Hop arena.

In 2021, Tori won "Favorite Female Rap/Hip-Hop Artist of the Year" during the WMA's 2021.

In 2022, she won "Best New Artist", "Station Manager of the Year", and "Song of the Year" (There She Go) during the WMA's as well!

(Tori holding 3 awards she won during the WMA's 2022)


Since then, she has received recognition and SHOUTOUTS by:

  • Lecrae- Grammy-Award Winning Artist, CEO & Founder of Reach Records
  • "KB" -DOVE Award Winning Christian Hip Hop Artist
  • Ian Eastwood (Choreographer for Zendaya, Tori Kelly, Trevor Jackson, Vic Mensa, & several others)
  • Vickie Winans (Grammy Award Winning Gospel Singer)
  • Seth Morrison (Skillet)
  • Tauren Wells & many others

 This rising artist has a goal to create and share music that will inspire, encourage, and change lives for the better. She has a heart for humanity and has been able to express this passion through partnering with non-profit organizations where the focus is on providing resources that help those in need access food, clothing, and housing. 

More About Tori Tellem :

  • Graduated High School at age 15 with honors
  • Earned Certificate as a Paralegal
  • Best Selling Author (Click here to access books by Victoria "Tori Tellem" Hoffman)
  • Digital Creator
  • Earned Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
  • Earned Master's Degree in Business Administration
  • Earned Master's Degree in Christology from Bible College (I.U.)
  • Station Manager of WVIU Web Radio 
  • Official Spokesperson for the FOFMI Children's Center Kenya
  • Professional Freelance Script Writer
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Humanitarian
  • Actress
  • Podcaster

Music has always been a form of expression for Tori and she strives to make and share music with purpose; music that will change lives for the better! Music that will win souls and save lives by the grace of God.

WVIU Radio Missions comes straight from the heart of God, to support Independent, New and Upcoming Christian/Gospel Artists, ministers, missionaries, and those alike in sharing the gospel with the lost.

As an Independent Christian Artist, Tori understands the importance of having safe platforms to promote and share your music with the world. Through WVIU, we provide indie/new and upcoming Christian artists, ministers, poets, and more, with the platform and opportunity to reach listeners all around the globe.

God has given Tori a true gift of compassion and encouragement for anyone that she comes in contact with. The love that she has for God's people is evident that the fruit of the Spirit is with her, within her, and upon her.

We have seen so many lives changed for the better since Tori has been with us here at WVIU and we give God all the glory for using her for His Kingdom.

We are so thankful to have you Ms. Tori and we are looking forward to seeing all of the amazing things that the Lord has in store for you to accomplish in the days, weeks, months, and years to come!

Keep shining for the Lord, Tori... 1-2-3... WE LOVE YOU!


-WVIU Team

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