Rules/FAQs About Contests

Rules & FAQs:

Winning WVIU contests is not intended to be the priority of listening. We do family-friendly contests to increase interest in spiritual concerns, spark growth, and excitement within this community. WVIU enjoys sharing Christian resources and family friendly entertainment with our listeners and supporters.

  • All WVIU contests are open to all United States listeners unless specific age is required by type of contest, participating agency or sponsor or by law.


  • One winner per household family per 30 day period. Unless noted otherwise.


  • Due to Internet delays beyond our control, what you hear on WVIU online may be delayed at times. These delays may cause you difficulty in participating in on-air contests. Also, online listening delays may vary depending on your Internet connection.


  • The WVIU Team determines the eligibility of the applicant to be a winner.


  • Due to increased postage rates, WVIU will not typically mail any prizes to winners unless winner provides postage. (may vary)


  • WVIU is not responsible for prizes that are lost or damaged in the mailing process. If the winner is unwilling or unable to pick up their prize and no arrangements can be agreed upon, they are listed as “declined prize” and are eligible to win in 10 days and the prize will be recycled.


  • In “enter to win” contests, unless that particular contest says one entry per household family, EVERYONE is eligible to enter once per person, and be a winner, even if that person or or a family member has won something in a previous contest. The winner of a register to win contest is then under the 30 day rule from the date of winning. 


  • Prizes are won as announced. Once a winner has been announced for that prize or reward, substitutions for another prize or reward will not be possible (unless two winners who are agreeable want to swap, that’s between those two people not WVIU). For whatever reason, if a winner doesn’t want the prize, they may return or decline it unopened, and be eligible to win again in 15 days. DJ’s may swap prizes for emergency reasons prior to the giveaway, but will announce what the new prize is before it is given away.


  • It is assumed upon winning that permission is given to announce the winner’s name and what city they are from. If they wish to remain anonymous, they must inform the announcer via email, however the announcer may still announce the winner’s city of residence.


  • Upon participating in OR winning a WVIU contest, the participant automatically gives consent to WVIU to use their voice and/or likeness for promotional purposes without further compensation or approval. If the winner wishes to not have his/her voice played on-air, they must inform the announcer. However, the announcer may still announce the winner’s city of residence.


  • All calls coming in to WVIU may be recorded and may be aired on WVIU for promotional purposes without further approval.


  • All contest entries become the property of WVIU. WVIU may withhold any or all contest entry materials, for any reason management deems crucial to the completion of the contest, or for reasons relating to publicity and/or promotion.


  • WVIU, its agency, and representatives shall not be liable for any injury, claim, or damage from any WVIU contest or prize awarded in a contest.


  • WVIU will not be held liable for prizes awarded to an event that is canceled due to circumstances beyond our control.


  • All decisions made by WVIU are final.


  • Contest rules are subject to change without notice.