Tori Tellem is a Multi-Award-Winning Independent Christian Rapper/Hip-Hop Artist and Singer-Songwriter born on October 15th, 1998.

Tori Tellem was born and raised in Alabama and has always had a passion for music since an early age. As her entire family is musical, she spent endless hours listening to various genres of music while learning to embrace her culture as a Southern girl. Interestingly enough, Tori did not actually start writing rap music until age 11, shortly after her grandfather (on her mother's side) passed away due to cancer.

Her grandfather who was a professional musician and singer, prayed a special blessing over Tori and her siblings before he left the earth... Tori attributes a large portion of her sudden fire to write her own music and create, to THAT day... over 13+ years ago!

Her music has been described as “HONEST HIP HOP”, a phrase she coined after concluding that her lyrics undoubtedly and consistently speak truth... 

 In 2016, she released her debut single entitled "Bound Bird", which is a slower melodic piano pop tune. However, the Alabama Native is primarily known for her hard-hitting rap music, which consists of captivating, impactful, and convicting lyrics that educate, uplift, and motivate her fans and listeners.

She gained prominence in 2020, after releasing her debut EP "The Essentials", which displays her faith in GOD, through her lyrics, in a relatable and practical way. Her song "2 FACE", earned over 100k views on YouTube within the first 4 months of the video release. Since then, she has accumulated over 2 million views worldwide across social media and music streaming platforms and is quickly becoming the next big name in the Rap & Hip-Hop arena.

In 2021, Tori won "Favorite Female Rap/Hip-Hop Artist of the Year" during the WMA's 2021.

In 2022, she won "Best New Artist", "Station Manager of the Year", and "Song of the Year" (There She Go) during the WMA's as well!


Since then, she has received recognition and SHOUTOUTS by:

  • Lecrae- Grammy-Award Winning Artist, CEO & Founder of Reach Records
  • "KB" -DOVE Award Winning Christian Hip Hop Artist
  • Ian Eastwood (Choreographer for Zendaya, Tori Kelly, Trevor Jackson, Vic Mensa, & several others)
  • Vickie Winans (Grammy Award Winning Gospel Singer)
  • Seth Morrison (Skillet)
  • Tauren Wells & many others

 This rising artist has a goal to create and share music that will inspire, encourage, and change lives for the better. She has a heart for humanity and has been able to express this passion through partnering with non-profit organizations that focus on providing resources to help those in need access food, clothing, and housing. 

More About Tori Tellem :

  • Graduated High School at age 15 with honors
  • Earned Certificate as a Paralegal
  • Best Selling Author 
  • Digital Creator
  • Earned Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
  • Earned Master's Degree in Business Administration
  • Earned Master's Degree in Christology from Bible College (I.U.)
  • Currently pursuing Doctorate in Business Administration
  • Station Manager of WVIU Web Radio 
  • Official Spokesperson for the FOFMI Children's Center Kenya
  • Professional Freelance Script Writer
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Humanitarian
  • Actress
  • Podcaster



Interviewer: How would you describe your music?

Tori: "I would describe my music as "HONEST HIP HOP"... I do my best to speak the truth and tell it like it is in a peaceful and civil way (through music). I have a habit of saying what most people would be scared to say, especially in the music arena. But I just tell'em the truth and then put it to a dope beat, so it goes over a bit easier (Laughs)... The impact behind my lyrics may sometimes seem a bit blunt, straightforward, or convicting for the people who may not have been ready for it... But it's HONEST and that's what's important to me. 

Interviewer: You make music with purpose. It's not just another tune... You actually are educating your fans through your music. Tell us a little bit about your love for education...

Tori: Yeah, I'm glad you asked this because I really love educating listeners through my music. If people would actually listen to my lyrics and not only get caught up in the beat , I'm usually saying something about impactful historical moments, society, current events, friendships, biblical history, and a whole bunch of other stuff that I believe is important to share... I'm from Montgomery, AL so that's a very historical place. I've always loved history/social studies and really enjoy being able to include my love for history and storytelling within my music as an educational tool...

My hometown played a huge role in the civil rights movement and a lot of other important monumental historical moments. So, I believe that's what has kind of shaped my love for that historical side of music.

Also, my mom is a teacher, my dad is an educator, and I have about 4 college degrees now (laughs), so education is super important to me. Knowledge and education is powerful and I want to do my part in making sure that the next generation isn't ignorant when it comes to life, godliness, right relationships, history, and decision making.

Interviewer: Now, many people are shocked when you pick up a microphone because in person you come off kind of shy and quiet, but not so much when you're in your music flow. Talk to us about that...

Tori: (Laughs) Yeah, I know! People are always telling me that... Music allows me to express myself in a way that I probably normally wouldn't if I was just walking around and talking on a day to day basis. I think it really shakes some people up and I think that really catches some people off guard because I'm usually kind of shy and reserved, but when I'm doing anything music related, I get this boost of boldness and energy! (Laughs) I enjoy rapping because it allows me to unleash that extremely bold side of myself that I didn't know was in me when I was a younger. But, like now just being able to find myself and fully express who God has made me to be is a beautiful feeling... 

 People keep telling me that I'm a quiet storm... (Laughs) " 

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