Premium Partner Promotion Package: $500
WVIU Radio

Premium Partner Promotion Package: $500

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Premium Partner Package Benefits:

  • Promote ONE YouTube video of your choice to 2,000 views 
  • We will create a basic Lyric Video for TWO of your songs for your YouTube Channel
  • Promote the Lyric Video(s) that we created for you to 500 views each
  • Promote ONE of your songs on Spotify to reach a potential 500-5,000 REAL plays (results may vary)
  • 5 minute Consultation with a Professional Songwriter from our Team to improve your next song
  • WVIU will write & feature an article about you
  • WVIU will write & feature an article or blog about your new song, album, OR video on our website.
  • Exclusive Interview with our Station Manager: Tori Tellem
  • Notifications About WVIU Events
  • Performance Opportunities at WVIU Events & Our Affiliates
  • Included in our Online Music Store Catalog 
  • WVIU Web Radio Interview Opportunities
  • Sell Your Merchandise at WVIU Events
  • Television Appearance(s) Through Our Media Affiliates
  • Receive 40% of All of Your Music Sales from the WVIU Online Music Store
  • Weekly email updates on how to improve in your music career