3 Things To Know Before Starting Your Musical Journey

Hello friends & fellow Music Artists! Today I want to give you 3 basic things that you MUST know/ do before starting on your ambitious musical journey. Are you ready? Leeeggggoooo!!! Lol :)

Let's begin with tip number one...

1.) Make sure that you are able to SUSTAIN!

Before beginning on your musical journey, you should be sure to have a solid "9 to 5" job... I know I know. That sounds soooo boring because all we want as artists is to be able to focus on our craft. I get it. However, You have to be able to survive while your music journey is still in the "baby" stage. You don't want to risk not being able to maintain the basic necessities in life. SO, while you get your music career off of the ground or up and running. Try to find a good day job in the mean time...

2.) Set goals, make plans and STICK TO THEM!

Okay. So I don't know if you just randomly woke up one day and decided "Hey! I'm gonna be a musician!" If you did, you have A LOT of planning and organizing to do. But if you're like me and were born with a passion to do this music thing and can't see yourself doing anything else then... you STILL have a LOT of planning to do... It is not necessarily EASY to start a music career. There's the process of writing, creating, recording, promoting your latest release, fees that come with that and hiring others to assist you, copyrighting your material so you don't get SCAMMED, etc... There's a lot that goes into starting and maintaining a music career. Fortunately, it's do-able. If you take the time to write down what it is that you are looking to accomplish as a musician and set specific goals. It makes things flow a whole lot smoother. Determine where and how far you want your music to go. What's your motto, genre, or signature style? Are you looking to get signed to a record label? Or are you looking to remain independent? Take some time to answer these basic questions and any other related info that can help you better determine your goals and plans.I believe that YOU WILL BE A SUCCESSFUL music artist if you stay consistent, determined, dedicated and pray the WHOLE way.

3.) Take your music SERIOUSLY!

You should NEVER! -And I repeat, NEVER! Treat your music as if it is a joke. If you do not take your craft seriously no one else will. You do not have to be so serious that it becomes a drab to do the thing that you once loved so much. However, do NOT take your music career lightly. You've worked hard for this. You have to show yourself that this is a BUSINESS, not just a hobby or side job. You are looking to feed your family from this career, you want to spend the REST of your life doing this thing. So you CANNOT afford to take your dreams, goals and vision lightly. 

I hope that these tips have helped you in better seeing the importance of taking your music career to the next level, as well as more seriously and understanding how important it is to plan and organize. I believe in you! Never stop achieving your goals! God is with you!



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