COVID-19 Safety: For Performing Artists

            Stay Safe During The Pandemic, While Still Doing What You Love!

So, if you're an Independent Performing Artist missing the stage, performing at shows, going to the studio, and connecting with your fans. Don't worry! You can still do it BIG and live your life as the SUPER Star that you are.

If you want to have a concert, but are unable to gather and invite a massive crowd. You can do it virtually/digitally! That's right! You can have a Virtual Concert!

This way you can perform within the safety of your own home, connect with fans and get your music heard without being afraid of the RONA! :) 

If you are unsure of how to set this sort of thing up, virtual concerts are a blast and typically have a better response and attendant rate than "in person" gigs... We would love to help ya out... Please contact us! We have an awesome team that will help you set it up for a GREAT price! Don't worry- We're ballin' on an Independent Artist Budget too and won't charge you through the nose like *cough* MOST *cough* companies... O_O 

Feel free to hit us up on our contact page! We are so excited for you and your music career. You've come so far and you're gonna go farther, just keep pushing and stay focused! You've got this! :)

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