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Okay, I am beyond hyped to announce that my good friends of Reclaim the Day are releasing a rockin’ awesome new single called “Sentenced to Life”! This will be their second single and we are totally here for it!! We all know and love their debut single entitled “Who You Are”, which is an amazing Hard Rock Christian Worship Song. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out on YouTube or on Spotify!


 We are highly anticipating this upcoming release on March 3rd, 2021 (Wednesday) and can’t wait to get our socks knocked off by it. RTD not only makes awesome and powerful music, but they are also all amazing, very down to earth people, and they have really good hearts. Anyone who gets the opportunity to meet them or connect with them in any way will truly be blessed by their testimonies and the love that they have for everyone! Keep reading for more info on the band and this new masterpiece of a song coming out in March!

About the Band

If you know anything about Reclaim the Day, you know that they are an amazing Christian Hard Rock band from Indiana, who have a goal to spread hope to all of those who listen and follow their musical journey. The band was originally founded by the dynamic marriage duo, Becca (Lead Vocalist) & Marcus Sugg (Lead Guitar) in 2019.

More recently the band has added two incredibly talented dudes named Alex Beattie (Drums) and Logan Morehouse (Bass).

This band has managed to merge sincere worship and hard rock music! What an awesome combination!! The name Reclaim the Day was decided as the official band name after lead vocalist, Becca Sugg, and her husband Marcus Sugg aka: Trey, were faced with some obstacles. Becca talks about how she battled with depression, loss, suicidal thoughts, and anxiety. However, she did not allow those things stop her. Instead, she used her challenges to motivate her (and others) to Reclaim the day back!


Becca says, “If you haven’t heard me talk about it already on stage, well the meaning behind the name is that you have the power through Jesus Christ to Reclaim your day back from all of those things and more!"

Becca also says, “That is another reason why this upcoming song we are releasing is so personal for me and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it.”

We can’t wait either, Becca!

I want everyone to check out “Sentenced to Life” by Reclaim the Day on March 3rd, 2021! Also, share it with your friends and family like crazy and help get the word out! This is only the beginning for this rising band and I cannot wait to see what else God has in store for RTD!

Quotes & Reviews

“Awesome music! Keep sharing God’s love through music.” DJ Z Marie, WVIU Web Radio Personality

“RTD has an amazing message of hope and I am forever grateful for them and their impactful music!” R.H

“Becca’s voice is very unique, she has a pure heart, and their music has a great message!” Nichole


“I REALLY love this band, honestly!!” Tori Tellem, TV/Radio Personality


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Article by: Tori Tellem, Station Manager of WVIU Web Radio

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